After spending some time under the sizzling heat of the sun, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing with your family by swimming in your own pool. Hence, it is important that you always keep the facility in good shape whatever the season. After all, you spend a lot of money to own a beautiful swimming pool, spa, fountain or water feature and it makes sense to manage it properly.

Seek-a-Leak, a premier pool leak detection company is here to assist if you experience water loss from your swimming pool, Seek-a-Leak endeavours to maintain constant training to ensure customer satisfaction, Seek-a-Leak can provide a comprehensive swimming pool leak investigation that will locate that leak. Pool Leak Detection is our business and passion

Top-Notch Equipment

Back in the day, doing a pool leak detection on a swimming pool, spa, fountain or water feature could be a real challenge. The task used to require a lot of time and could cause damage to the swimming pool and surrounds. But that era is long gone now. Thanks to technology, identifying the exact location of the leak is made easier than ever. With our latest superior equipment, the swimming pool leak investigation can be done with little to no damage to pool surface or plumbing. Best of all? It’s fast so you can enjoy the swimming pools after only a few hours.

Unmatched Safety

Have you been thinking of fixing the swimming pool leak yourself but been worrying about getting injured? If you want to keep yourself and structure safe, hire us. We use the appropriate pool leak detection techniques, so you don’t need to worry of any problems. All we need is access to your swimming pool for some time and we will finish the work in no time.


Want a pool leak detection? We can do that. We can carry out the swimming pool leak investigation that will acutely locate the leak in your swimming pool, spa, fountain or water feature. Whether you want to fix the leaks in your facility and or look for the causes, we are the professionals that can help you keep your investment in a condition that will provide a place for your family to stay active and have fun.

Our swimming pool leak detection professionals have passion for pool leak detection. Seek-a-Leak feels confident of your satisfaction once we have completed the swimming pool leak investigation, pool leak detection and repair.

Do you really want to spend a lot of money in building a pool in your yard, but can’t use it because of the leaks? We bet not. As you know, when a swimming pool leak goes unattended it can do a lot of damage home. So, don’t hesitate in calling for pool leak detection from Seek-a-Leak. With this, you can enjoy all that your facility has to offer.

We are here to give the service that can make your home a cooler place to hang out. We are known for our prompt customer service. No wonder, many residential and commercial swimming pools, spa fountain and water feature owners have preferred us. Rest assured we offer the best pool leak detection at an affordable rate.

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